Lambda GBM: Tonight at 8:30pm

Come out to the first Lambda Alliance GBM of 2014 for a discussion on Penn SexWeek and an introduction to all the projects for our constituent groups!

Food will be available, with vegan and vegetarian options as well.

See you there!

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Welcome to Penn Class of 2017!

Today students around the world are finding out that they have been accepted to be a part of the University of Pennsylvania’s Class of 2017! With each new class, new students come to add to the vibrancy and diversity of the LGBTQ community here at Penn. We would like all of them to know that Penn is a safe place to be whomever you want to be!

We wanted to share the freshmen experiences of the Class of 2016 in this video to let them know what is waiting for them here at Penn!

Welcome future class mates! And welcome future leaders!

We cannot wait to meet you!

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QPenn Commences!

QPenn is an annual week-long celebration of LGBTQA culture at Penn: an inclusive pride event meant for EVERYONE. This year, we’re celebrating the various “shades” of identity within the LGBTQ and allied community with our theme: “50 SHADES OF GAY.” Members of the LGBTQ and allied community escape a single definition, coming together in various shapes, sizes and colors to form a unique group of individuals. Each “shade of gay” has a different connotation, definition, and meaning to everyone.

The festivities started off tonight with a poignant keynote address from the brilliant Janet Mock. Janet Mock is the former editor of and is a transgender woman of color. She discussed the history of transgender activism as well as,  contemporary voices in the transgender community. While most transgender representations in media solely focus on travesties committed on the transgender community, Janet Mock seeks to represent a transgender woman who has suceded in her life’s goal.. For more on Janet Mock and her activism, please visit her personal website here.

We hope to see everyone as this busy week continues. Come and celebrate what it means to be a part of the LGBTQ community.

Check out our calendar of events!


By: Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs and the LGBT Center
12-1pm at Penn Bookstore, 2nd Floor

By: Queer People of Color and QSP2
6:30-8:30pm at W.E.B. Du Bois Colllege House MPR
QSP2 and QPOC bring an informative and interactive event examining the complexities of intimate partner violence in queer communities of color. Refreshments will be served.

By: QPenn in collaboration with Jeffrey Johnson, the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Department, and the Cinema Studies Department
7:30-10:30pm at Harrison Sky Lounge
The film centres on the tortured, on-again, off-again relationship between Laurence (Melvil Poupaud), a writer and teacher, and his girlfriend Fred (Suzanne Clément), a line producer on film productions. Devout bohemians who have little interest in conventional mores, they lead a charmed existence buoyed by their contempt for virtually everyone else on the planet. That is, it’s a charmed existence until Laurence breaks down in tears and confesses that he believes he’s a woman trapped in a man’s body.


By: Penn Non-Cis
5-6pm at the LGBT Center
Join Penn Non-Cis for an educational and visual talk on transgender and gender non-conforming figures throughout history. We will analyze the invisibility of such figures and there erasure from mainstream LGBT history as well as how current trans* activists are making their voices heard.

Solo Performance by Dan Fishback (FREE)
7pm at the Rotunda
In his solo performance, thirtynothing, Dan Fishback juxtaposes tales from the terrifying dawn of the AIDS epidemic with stories from his own more innocent childhood in those same years. As he unearths forgotten work by gay artists who died in the 80s and 90s, Fishback weaves stories from his own life through stories from theirs. Searching for role models and father figures amongst artists like Mark Morrisroe, David Wojnarowicz, David B. Feinberg, Essex Hemphill and many more, Fishback interacts with their work, dramatizing the generation gap between older and younger gay men. With insight, wit, and his characteristic dark, neurotic humor, Fishback tears open issues of sexual intimacy, mass death and cultural memory, creating an abstract theatrical landscape where the living and the dead can co-mingle and collaborate.
Co-Sponsored by The Rotunda, Kelly Writers House, the LGBT Center, the Theater Arts Program and the Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies Program


By: Philomathean Society
6pm-8pm at Philo Halls, 4th Floor College Hall


By: Queer Ladies at Penn
5-6pm at LGBT Center
Join Queer Ladies at Penn and Mental Wellness Week for a discussion on body image, femininity, sexuality, and the presentation of women in the media.

By: QPOC / J-Bagel
Time: 6-8pm at TBA

By: Penn GALA, Lambda Grads, an the LGBT Center
9-11pm at Tap House”
Join Penn’s LGBTQ alumni and graduate student organization for drinks at Tap House! The first 50 people there will receive a complimentary drink ticket. 21+ Event.


By: LGBT Center
1-2pm in the LGBT Center
Interested in a career in healthcare and/or medicine? Stop by the LGBT Center to meet out students in medical school and talk about being out in medicine.

By: Campus Health
3:30-4:30pm at LGBT Center
Join Campus Health along with APSC, LC, PCUW, UMC, and UMOJA to learn about sexual health through a fun, interactive game of Sex Jeopardy presented by Campus Health Educator Ashlee Halbritter and Campus Health Outreach Coordinator Emily Panik.

By: Queer Student Alliance
7-9pm at Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) Chapter House”


By: Dan Fishback
1-3pm in the LGBT Center
In this single-session performance art workshop, students will develop solo performances based on their personal obsessions and political impulses, while exploring the recent history of queer performance in New York City. Performance artist and ArtsEdge Resident Dan Fishback will work closely with students to move beyond conventional notions of “self-expression” and “autobiography” to something more primal and satisfying. Using traditional queer performance as a reference point, students will be encouraged to find new artistic language to stage their most vital urges.
Please RSVP to by March 20th. Maximum 10 students.
Co-Sponsored by Kelly Writers House

Written by Lillian Hellman
Directed by Rory Pelsue
Produced by Russell Abdo and Layla O’Kane
8pm at Harold Prince Theater in the Annenberg Center
Set in an all-girls boarding school in the 1930s, The Children’s Hour revolves around the themes of deception, slander, and the power of sexual repression. When student Mary Tilford escapes from school and tells her grandmother that the school’s headmistresses are having a lesbian affair, the lie grows and contaminates the lives of principals Karen and Martha. Hellman’s intelligent play strikes the perfect balance between psychological melodrama and political allegory.

By: Queer Student Alliance / Wharton Alliance
9pm-1am at the LGBT Center


By: Penn Athletes and Allies Tacklign Homophobia
11am-3pm at Penn Park

By: QPenn/Festival Latino
Time: 7-10:00pm
Location: Cohen Hall Terrace Rm

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Valentine’s Day: Love is Love

On February 14th, Lambda Alliance collaborated with the Penn Democrats and the Penn Republicans to create a bi-partisan marriage equality event. We all came together to prove that marriage equality is a human rights issue that should not divide party lines.

On Valentine’s Day the iconic Love statue that resides between the diverging paths of Locust Walk was transformed. Adorned with colored paper, the typically red statue was turned into a vibrant rainbow. As the day went on, students, faculty, and casual tourists took pictures in front of the statue and proclaimed that “Love is Love.”

Thank you to everyone who came out! Photos can be found  on our facebook page.

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Meet: Stephen, SEAS ’15

As school starts back up again, Lambda will feature brief interviews with some cool people from Penn’s queer community. Read below to find out how they get involved on and off campus and what they do to relax amidst the energy of Penn.

Here, we speak with Stephen, a rising senior in the Engineering school.

1. What activities do you participate in at Penn?

Queer People of Color, Philly AIDS Thrift, Engineers Without Borders, Carriage Senior Society, Hexagon Senior Society, Sphinx Senior Society

2. Describe your Penn queer experience.

Stephen, in stylish white overalls from his job at Philly AIDS Thrift.

I’d be lying if I said my Penn queer experience started when I got to Penn. It started way before when I had visited during previews. Straight up// it took three and a half minutes on Locust to be swept up and taken in by the QPOC mothas. It took another three and a half months over the summer and into my first semester to realize the queer community was large enough to keep me hype, but could never truly meet all of my expectations. And it’s taken three and half years to see that there are people at Penn, in and out of the queer community, who damn well try to transcend those expectations and create spaces for those who need them.

Still, my queer experience is hardly limited to Penn and it would be reductive to dismiss the opportunities Philly has to offer the queer scene, especially 4 people of color and other marginalized homies. Penn’s cultural houses work with each other to offer intersectional students support and encouragement for collaboration. Because of that I’ve never had to subscribe to any sort of “gay experience” at Penn. Penn is getting queerer with each incoming class (thank you bbs) and that’s only going to create more challenging spaces and make the old ones more engaging.

3.What’s the best coffee on campus?

Earth Cup. They have a lovely seating situation outside that’s ideal for sipping local roasts and throwing local shade.

4. What’s your favorite thing to do on weekends?

You can probably find me off of South Street at Philly AIDS Thrift on weekends digging through piles of vintage and other stuff. South Street is a kitschy part of the city, complete with metal heads, eccentric grannies, and oversized pizza. I mean, there’s nothing better.

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October is LGBT History Month!

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Tax Equalization

This news is a few months old, but still very important! Penn will now provide tax assistance to same-sex couples affected by the lack of federal recognition for same-sex relationships!

Read the announcement here, as well as the Daily Pennsylvanian article providing further explanation!

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The Website’s Back! And Other Exciting Updates

We now once again have a functioning website that will be updated on a consistent basis! At least whenever there’s news to share.

More importantly, great things have been happening at Penn this semester. After years of hard work by the LGBT Center, Lambda, and many dedicated individuals, the university expanded transgender health benefits to faculty and staff. Our Chair, Hugh, sent out a personal note in the newsletter after it happened. Check it out!

Hello all -

After years of work by Lambda, the LGBT Center, faculty, and staff, the University has extended trans health benefits to faculty and staff. This is wonderful news for those of us who have been invested in the process, and I want to thank the University as well as the LGBT community as a whole for its commitment to an atmosphere of acceptance and affirmation. A special thanks goes to Victor Galli and Jake Tolan for their dedication to this project.

Hugh Hamilton

Awesome! Another great thing that happened was Penn’s annual LGBT celebration week – QPenn! With the theme of DO ASK, DO TELL, QPenn 2012 featured many wonderful events by our constituent groups, an amazing supplement in the Daily Pennsylvanian, and a fantastic speech by keynote speaker Alan Cumming. He even tweeted about us afterwards!

Alan Cumming's Tweets

Our event being tweeted about by Alan Cumming - very exciting!







The semester may be winding down (and finals are rapidly approaching), but there are still many more events happening on campus, including tonight’s Lambda GBM which will cover IvyQ and QPenn chair elections.

Stay tuned!

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The website is coming along

We are in the process of rebuilding our website. Keep checking back for improvements and more news and resources!

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Welcome back!

The Spring 2012 semester has begun, and we are looking forward to a productive year. We hope everyone had a restful break and is excited to get back into the thick of things. Lambda has a number of projects ahead of it, so make sure to stay tuned for our first general body meeting!

-The 2012 Lambda Exec Board

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